Dear readers,

terribly sorry that my website was not available in the past few days.

From what I can guess the issue was that Cyberpipe, which kindly hosts my website, has been updating its web server and has had some issues.

Since I currently lack both time and money for a migration, I will continue to be hosted here, but I already have plans to host myself, which I hope will become reality still in 2011.

My current plan is to get a Plug Computer (e.g. FreedomBox, SheevaPlug, GuruPlug) and put on it:

  • Cherokee as my web server
  • Drupal 7 to run my website and blog (will have to migrate from Drupal 6 as well)
  • Seeks and YaCy for _web search, _preferably combined!
  • some distributed social network node (e.g. GNU Social, Diaspora, )
  • ownCloud for file and photo album sharing, music hosting, encrypted P2P backups etc. etc. etc.
  • PageKite in case I need it for tunneling
  • …and probably as much stuff as the box can handle ;)

Thank you for reporting the website went down and thank you for understanding. I cannot promise that the uptime will be better when I am on my own, but at least I will be the one to blame ;)

hook out → studying while drinking a nice cuppa English breakfast tea spiced with some cardamom husks

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