New year usually brings changes. And the same holds true for my blog.

In (early) 2015 I will finally finish my LL.M1. and therefore hopefully have more time for my blog (and myself). Below you can find some of the planned and already ongoing changes relating to my blog.

Slightly modified tagging system

From now on tags named after communities like FSFE, Kiberpipa / Cyberpipe and KDE represent not only topics that directly relate to them – but also topics should be of interest to those particular communities.

If you are reading this through a planet (or similar) aggregator and think some kinds of blog posts do not belong there, let me know and I will change the feed accordingly.

On the other hand if you are subscribed directly to my blog via the Atom feed, you can apart from the main feed, finegrain your selection by subscribing only to specific categories or tags. To do so, you only need to visit the hereinbefore mentioned two links and in the browser (or HTML source code) select the Atom feed(s) you like.

Testing comments system

As promised before (more than once) I am looking into bringing comments back.

From the options that I could find, it seems Isso seems to bring the best usability vs ease of administration for use on a self-hosted2 static blog, such as mine.

At the moment I am in the testing phase – trying to set it up and get it running. But after that, I plan to migrate the previous comments and make it live. This could take a while, since there is no Pelican plugin for it yet …there is a (broken?) pull request for it though.

Hopefully Isso will last longer against spam comments as systems I tried so far.

More content in 2015

Since this year I plan to finish my studies, I will finally have more time to spare to blog. I hope you are looking forward to more articles at least as much as I am to writing them!

Internet Archive

While I was at it, I also made sure that all the so far written blog posts are actually showing up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and not just the first page. Most of them did not, but they are now.

hook out → happy new year everyone! ☺

  1. My LL.M. thesis is about “FLA – new challenges” and you can follow its progress on Git. Unfortunately for most readers, it is required by law to be in Slovenian. But important outcomes will follow in English later this year. 

  2. Since I host my on blog, leaving something as precious as comments on a 3rd party proprietary server is out of the question. 

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