Contact information

The best way to contact me (Matija Šuklje) is by:

I also hang around on IRC:

  • on my nickname is hook
  • on OFTC my nickname is hook
  • on SIOFF my nickname is hook
  • on IRCnet my nickname is hook3
  • on FreeNode my nickname is silver_hook4 (inactive)
  • and the same pattern holds true for other servers, Slack etc. ;)

On most forums and pages I usually use either the nickname hook. If that is not available either silverhook or silver_hook.

I am also very approachable by the time-proven “Hey you! Hold it!” method if you meet me in person ☺

My public OpenPGP/GPG key

You can directly download the public key I use for pretty much everything and/or check its fingerprint below:

pub 4096R/C651D7B0 2010-04-18
Key fingerprint = 556A 19C2 5686 A785 499D 1D4B 8C19 2103 C651 D7B0

My key signing policy

I only sign keys of people who also sign mine.

I do not sign keys that do not include an e-mail address.

I check each key individually so even after a properly organised key signing party, my certification of those keys might not be the same for all attendees.

After I sign and certify the key I e-mail it encrypted to the owner, so the owner can chose to upload the signature or not.

Certification levels

Keys I certify with “unknown trust” (sig 0, 0x10) are those that I have checked very sloppily or not at all. If I use them at all it is usually for automatically generated non-personal keys.

Keys I certify with “mediocre trust” (sig 2, 0x12) are those:

  • of which the fingerprint is identical to the one claimed by its owner; and
  • of which I got the fingerprint validated by its owner in person; and
  • I checked at least one government issued identity document with ID photo of they key’s owner and do not have any doubt of the validity of those document(s).

Keys I certify with ”full trust” (sig 3, 0x13) are those that fulfil all of the conditions for a “mediocre trust” (sig 2, 0x12) and additionally I am even more certain of the identity of its owner – either because I have known the person close enough and for a long enough period of time or because of other reasons I have no doubt whatsoever in the person’s identity.


In RPG’s you will find me play the following characters:

  • in PlaneShift my character is called Seeln Beltheren, but I have not played in ages
  • in Ryzom my characters are Moneesha and Watunga, but I have not played in ages
  • in RPG’s with a medieval-ish setting you will usually find me under the name Asereth Valerei
  • in arcade games, if you see HUQ as a high score that might actually be me

In other games you will usually find me under my standard nickname hook (or if that is already taken silver_hook), or Berti on the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Also accessible over Skype and Google Talk, if you are living under a rock and use that instead of a proper SIP

  2. Same SIP account, reachable by normal phone. For more info see

  3. Or if that is unavailable hook_

  4. Because, sadly, “hook” was already taken.