It feels like I just came back from Berlin1 and I have to go back again. With so much happening in the next two months, it seems fitting to join others and write a blog report of my future whereabouts.

I am going to Akademy 2016!

1-9 September I will be in Berlin for the QtCon/FSFE Summit/Akademy/…, where together with Polina Malaja I am giving a short presentation on FSFE Legal Team & Legal Network – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” as well as moderate a panel “Legal entities for Free Software projects” at the FSFE Summit. During Akademy I am also hosting a BoF session on the topic of FOSS legal & licensing Q&A and if it will be already possible, I hope to gather some feedback from the community on the current draft of the FLA 2.0.

My Berlin trip will be interrupted 4-6 September when I have to fly (via Manchester) to Hebden Bridge to the Wuthering Bytes, where – or more specifically at Open for Business – I am presenting on the topic of “Effective FOSS adoption, compliance and governance – is it really that hard?”2. After that I will come back to Berlin to QtCon. It is a huge pity that the two conferences clash – I would love to stay the whole length of both!

As every year so far, 13-15 September I am going to Vienna together with Domen Savič (“the hacktivist”) and Lenart Kučić (“the investigative journalist”) to represent Slovenia as “the ICT lawyer” at the Regional Consultation on Internet Freedom – Gaining a Digital Edge3. This conference, ran by the OSCE and SHARE Foundation, has quite a unique set-up of mixing relevant lawyers, journalists and activists from the wider region.

Then after a short break I return to Berlin, at least 4-7 October for LinuxCon Europe, where Catharina Maracke and I will hold a BoF session on the topic of CA, CLA, CAA, DCO, FLAOMG!”, during which we want to clarify (m)any misconceptions regarding different contributor agreements. Again, if there will be interest we would be delighted to gather feedback on the draft FLA 2.0.

Update: added link to FSFE Summit panel & fixed date of LinuxCon.

hook out → see you in Berlin and Vienna! … egad, this will be quite a busy month!

  1. There was a meeting of The Center for the Cultivation of Technology that I attended. More on this later. 

  2. Hint: No, it is not ☺ 

  3. There is no website for it, but I found some small video summaries online from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions. 

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