Earlier today I was at my alma mater – the Ljubljana Law Faculty – for the viva voce of my master’s thesis on the topic of “Fiduciary Licence Agreement – New Challenges”.

I am ecstatic to report that I passed with flying colours – 10/10, cum laude!

Which, as of today, makes me a univerzitetno diplomirani pravnik – i.e. Master of Laws.

The thesis itself covers:

  • the history of the Fiduciary Licence Agreement,
  • how it was used by the projects that use it,
  • what challenges it faces after its last update 9 years ago – e.g. patents, trade marks, outbound licensing, and readability,
  • compatibility with more jurisdictions, and – of course –
  • suggested modifications and improvements.

If you are interested in reading it, you can download the PDF or check out the ConTeXt source code1 in its Git repository.

Unfortunately for those not versed in my mother tongue, the text itself is in Slovenian2. I am going to write an English summary for the illustrious IFOSSLR soon though, so stay tuned.

Ultimately, the point of my thesis is to prepare for an update of FSFE’s FLA and I am happy to report that based on those outcomes we are already working on an “FLA 2.0”3.

hook out → brews up a fancy new Oolong to celebrate … *sip* aaaaaah ☺

  1. I am quite proud of the code. I also wrote – with ample help from the ConTeXt community – the quotations system and style to not just look pretty, but also match our faculty’s strict rules. Feel free to use it for your own theses or documents. 

  2. Has to be under Slovenian law, unless an exception applies – which it did not. 

  3. Working title, as one of the open topics is still to find a term that produces less ambiguity than “fiduciary” across many jurisdictions. 

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