As I already mentioned last year, I’m planning to migrate this website and blog onto my very own server. That my Drupal install was not very actively maintained in the near past shows also in the lack of posts. At times it was already a pain to look at it in such a state.

But, rejoice, good times are ahead of us!

My lil’ DreamPlug server is already running Gentoo GNU/Linux and Cherokee for a webserver and I’ve already made proper plans for migrating this website and blog.

I’ve decided that Drupal is a great CMS, but for my use case a bit too powerful. After searching and thinking for quite a while, I’ve decided to try Habari. It seems just what I need – a light-weight, based on SQLite, with an interface that’s easy to grasp and navigate with a keyboard, and getting out of your way when you write posts and has a nice and active community. The only nit-pic I have is that it uses PHP, which is quite an arcane languge to me.

As with all migrations, there will be some changes, namely (at least):

  • there will be no more distinction between blog posts and articles – now all will be treated equally;
  • categories will be replaced with tags and a tag cloud for easier navigation;
  • if you’ve been following me via aggregators, you will need to change the Atom feed;
  • links to previous posts will become broken – I’ll fix those by hand later – but the result will be pretty new URL’s that make sense;
  • some smaller things like abbrevations might need to be reimplemented or fixed by hand;

But I’m very excited and sure that after the hard work of the migration is over, I’ll have a lot more fun writing, and therefore hopefully you reading as well …and there’s already a few posts in my pipeline which you might find interesting ;)

hook out → smiling wide while sipping his tea :]

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