Free Software Business

More aftermath regarding Qt after Nokia's recent decision to pair up with Microsoft.

the Inquirer: Android Developers Union makes Google demands

Canonical Blog: Ubuntu, the cloud OS

Network World: Open source expert takes on the hardest job at Microsoft

Software Patents

Google and Microsoft joint forces and sued GeoTag in order to invalidate a patent relating to geolocation.

Forbes: Feds Could Block Microsoft Group’s Bid For Novell Patents

the Inquirer:Samsung wins Spansion patent row

the Inquirer: Motorola sues Tivo over technology patents

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

JURI, the Legal Affairs Committee in the European Parliament voted to introduce an exception to the copyright monopoly to benefit the public at large. It is said to be the first limitation of copyright monopoly in decades. This is just a first step, but at least it is one!

Sköne Oke: Is the Com aware that the US has not ratified the Vienna Convention

Irish Minister for Enterprise Mary Hanafin quashed rumours that she was planning to rush through a statutory instrument relating to copyright issues before leaving office. Emergency ignored: Current status of the [US] Patent Reform Act

La Quadrature du Net: EU Governments United Against the Knowledge Society?

Government and Free Software Policies

OSOR: EU: AFUL supports the Document Foundation and calls on public and private actors to follow suit

OSOR: FR: initiative to raise election candidates’ awareness of free software

OSOR: Zaragoza: 'Spain's public sector major driver open source desktop'

OSOR: MT: Government starts open source portal

OSOR: SI: Slovenian public administrations moving to open source desktops

OSOR: RO: 'Romanian government not against, nor in favour of open source'

OSOR: PT: The Administration of the Tagus Valley Hydrographical Region publishes a case study on the use of open source GIS software

Software Livre Brazil: Venezuela: Software Libre en el debate político

Short-ish article about what's wrong with IT procurement in governments and some first-hand reports of vendor lock-in problems with Microsoft.

Computer World UK: Open Source by Any Other Name…

Commercial Open Source Software: Open Source Software for Public Administrations: ePractice Workshops, Brussels 7th April 2011

Dana Blankenhorn: The Real Fight for Government Control is Open Source

Open Standards

The UK government seems to finally get it and decides to use truly open standards and the NHS has some good plans about adopting Free Software.

Computer Weekly: Government open source plan hindered by lack of security clearance

At the same time BSA lobbies in UK against using open standards, claiming it will cost the state more, reduce choice and hinder innovation.

Khronos Group today released the final specification for WebGL, a specification that brings OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics to the web browser.

Guardian: US Justice Department reportedly investigating MPEG LA over VP8 threats

Other interesting links

ORGZine: The threat to non-print archives

Computer World UK: Open Source Procurement: Subscriptions

TechDirt: ICE Boss: It's Okay To Ignore The Constitution If It's To Protect Companies

LibreOffice: LibreOffice Conference to be held in Paris this October

KDE.News: Desktop Summit CFP and Registration open

the Register: German data regulators move to tighten IP address laws

the Register: Anon Mail commenters to stay anon

The Next Web Asia: China Unicom plans to dominate China with its own mobile OS

ZDnet: London Stock Exchange Woes not Linux's Fault

the Inquirer: Intel completes McAfee purchase

OSOR: ES: Cenatic nominates free and open source community for award

Bradley M. Kuhn: Software Freedom Is Elementary, My Dear Watson.

Falkvinge: Kill Copyright, Create Jobs

PoemShape: On Linux, Software Patents, Shakespeare & the Web

Matt Blaze: Shaking Down Science

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