In this week's update the biggest news is probably IBM promising to give its source code to Lotus Symphony to the Apache Foundation (Free Software Licensing).

Interesting turn of events is also W3C wanting to invalidate Apple's Widget patents (Software Patents) as well as a blog post about trade marks in Free Software (Other interesting links).

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Free Software Licensing

The plot thickens as IBM decides to give the source code of its (OOo-based) Lotus Symphony office suite to Apache Foundation. What seems now is that (under an Apache license) has IBM's blessing, while LibreOffice (under LGPLv3 or later) will by the favourite of the Free Software community.

Project Harmony continues to be featured in the media next week.

Software Patents

H-online: To defend Android… …Google must attack software patents

AllThingsD: W3C Wants to Invalidate Apple's Widget Patents

The Inquirer: Nortel patents haul is sold to Apple, Microsoft and others Bilski's growing up, and smacking down some bad software patents

Government and Free Software Policies

Stop!: Vendola, Puglia and Free Software: communication struggles and unanswered questions

OSOR: TN: Head of National Digital Certification Agency aims to give open source community a say

Other interesting links

The Register: Google sets up 13m academic legal institute in Berlin

The Next Web: Google to fund new research into how the Internet affects society

ECJ: L'Oreal v eBay

Technollama: Intermediary liability: because you're worth it (L'Oreal v eBay)

Kluwer Copyright Blog: An American Perspective on the SAS v. WPL Case

Microsoft updates the Hyper-V driver in the Linux kernel.

In this week's EDRi-gram there's news like: EP discussions on international agreements on passenger name records, Internet blocking stopped in Italy (for now), EP Hearing "Copyright and Intellectual Property in the Digital Age", Perspectives of Internet blocking in UK following US model.

Neelie Kroes, EC: Researching Romania’s digital revolution

Neelie Kroes, EC: Working with businesses to deliver the internet revolution

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