In the licensing section, the FSF has updated its license recomendation guide.

The biggest item in the Free Software business is the update on the Microsoft interoperability trial in front of the European General Court. Then there is also the issue of Skype (after MS' acquisition) will stop working with Asterisk.

As for software patents, there's patent trolls Lodsys that's suing Apple and Paul Allen who's suing around everyone he can. Also on TechFlash an ex-MS employee writes a nice lenghtly post about why software patents being a distraction.

In the EU the European Commission publishes its "blueprints" for changing and unifying patents, copyright etc. Incidentially there was also a G8 meeting in France and there were talks between the G8 and the biggest few Internet players talking about the future of the Internet. Both were being criticised for sacrificing too much digital rights. Also the EU cookie directive adoption was due.

The US Department of Defence has published a guide about Free Software policy. Also across Europe there has been some nice improvements in that field.

There's big things regarding ODF going on, so be sure to read it in the open standards section. Although Google adds its open image format WebP to its Picasa, Mozilla rejects it.

And be sure to check out the Docracy project amongst other interesting links!

Free Software Licensing

FSF publishes a new license recomendation guide, which includes Apache 2.0 as the prefered permissive non-protective license.

Groklaw: A CLA By Any Other Name – Updated

Free Software Business

The legendary European Commission vs. Microsoft interoperability case has just had yet another hearing. Again with FSFE and Samba were on EC's side. It is very likely that by the end of the year we will see the European General Court decide in favour of interoperabily and condemn Microsoft.

the H Open: Software AG acquires open source caching experts Terracotta

the Var Guy: Has Canonical Convinced Linux Users to Pay for Applications?

the H Open: Time for Amazon to pay its dues to open source?

the H Open: Xamarin: Novell's former open source strategist to become CEO

Amongst first issues after Skype got bought by Microsoft, Skype for the popular VoIP solution Asterisk will not be available anymore.

OpenJDK: Community Bylaws Q&A;

the Inquirer: Intel pushes Meego

the Inquirer: Nokia will support Symbian until 2016

Software Patents

Ars Technica: Apple asks patent troll Lodsys to leave iOS developers alone

Ars Technica: Patent troll Lodsys also threatening Android devs

the Next Web: Android developers could be next target for patent firm Lodsys

TechFlash: Guest Commentary: Software patents are a distraction

ComputerWorld UK: Peer to Patent in the UK: Worth a Punt?

Groklaw: Oracle v. Google – A judge grounded in the real world

Groklaw: Paul Allen v. World – The world kicks back

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

European Parliament: Network Neutrality: Challenges and responses in the EU and in the U.S. [PDF]

EurActiv: EU copyright policy smacks of censorship, argue critics

The European Commission shows its plans for a EU-wide reform and unification of trade marks, patents, copyright and enforcement – "A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights". European Commissioner Michael Barnier posted a collection of related material alongside with the EC's proposal. La Quadrature du Net criticizes its possible lessening of digital rights. This is something we'll have to look at harder.

Ars Technica: French "three strikes" anti-piracy software riddled with flaws

The EU member countries should have adopted the EU cookie directive by 25th of May. Most haven't.

GigaOM: The Netherlands To Enact Law That Ensures Net Neutrality

Information Policy: Hungary: New constitution is serious threat to right to information

A new ACTA text and the EU Commission urges for it to be signed, while the European Parliament remains sceptical.

Government and Free Software Policies

The US Department of Defence has published a guide regarding its experience with policy and adoption of Free Software. The 451 Group has a nice short analysis of it.

ComputerWorld UK: Caution on that "Call for Caution on Open Source"

Platform 10: How can the state simultaneously cut budgets, provide better services, and promote growth? “By adopting an Open Government mindset”.

OSOR: FR: Launch of the Centre for Innovation in OSS creates synergy between the PLOSS Association of the Rhône Alpes region and the Tarare municipality

OSOR: UK: Leeds NHS Trust to introduce an open source portal for patient records

OSOR: EU/GR: Initiation of collaboration of the Free Technology Academy and Greek LUG

OSOR: EU/UK: FSFE appeals for information on OSS deployments

OSOR: SE: Framework agreement increases use of open source

OSOR: RO: Minister: 'Open source recommended wherever appropriate'

OSOR: EU: PEPPOL and the European Commission: First electronic transaction in production

OSOR: MK: Public involved in finalisation of national Open Source policy

OSOR: MT: Government support is crucial for the proliferation of OSS, MITA chairman says

Open Standards

OASIS OpenDocument TC successfully defined how to store and exchange recalculated formulas in office documents.

Other interesting links

Christian Engström, MEP: EU study on net neutrality

FSF: Work on a free software GPRS/EDGE stack

Docracy – a Free Software project (and website) where users can share and sign legal documents is emerging. This could prove very handy indeed!

the Next Web: HTC Considers Lifting Android Bootloader Lockdowns

OHIM Set To Become Official Host For European Observatory On Counterfeiting And Piracy: HTC Considers Lifting Android Bootloader Lockdowns

Glyn Moody takes a look on ICC's Building a Digital Economy report.

IP Justice: IP Justice Comments on ICANN Policy Proposal for Trademarks & New GTLDs

Neelie Kroes, EC: Big day for better EU telecom services approaching

Ars Technica: Judge: don't bring me any more anonymous file-sharing lawsuits

Ars Technica: New "ShaperProbe" tool detects ISP traffic shaping

ZDnet: Can an open-source backer thrive inside Microsoft? This one says no

Google Code: Spring cleaning for some of our APIs

BT: BT and TalkTalk appeal Digital Economy Act judgment

Armed and Dangerous: The Smartphone Wars: HTC rejoins the good guys

United Nation: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression

EDRi: Commission Plans To Present Flawed, Illegal PNR Proposal As "Fait Accompli" Here We Go Again: How to Tell a Bubble When you See One

Ars Technica: DNS filtering: absolutely the wrong way to defend copyrights

Ars Technica: Doctors and dentists tell patients, "all your review are belong to us"

451 CAOS Theory: If you tolerate this… the commercial open source window of opportunity

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