Free Software Licensing

A German court has asked the ECJ to clarify whether or not a company can sell second-hand versions of downloaded business software in a case involving software company Oracle.

Delimiter: Australia's biggest telco Telstra is reported to have started complying with GPL by offering source code of its Linux-based T-Hub.

TechnoLlama speculates that Microsoft has realised that its Kinect is the first in what will be the future of computer interaction, comparing it to the breakthrough that mouse was. Therefore he concludes Microsoft is tolerating OpenKinect (Free Software drivers for Kinect) in order to crowd-source the early development so that the community will manage to create applications that will drive the technology forward.

Free Software Business

Network World: Yahoo to open-source cloud-serving engine

the Inquirer: Archos announces record revenue for 2010

Forbes: Asus Brings Five Android Devices To China In Bid For Billions Of New Customers

CNet: Symbian is here to stay, says Nokia

the H Online: Nokia and open source – a trial by fire

the Inquirer: Microsoft gets the US ITC to investigate Tivo How does open source affect company culture? Best Practices in Open Source Foundation Governance – Part I

Software Patents

CSR, which specialises in single-chip Bluetooth devices, has ended its dispute with the licensing company WiLan over patents in a out of court settlement. WiLan is licensing its patents on for use by companies like Cisco, Nokia and Samsung.

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

A European Parliament majority approved a free trade agreement with Korea with strong provisions on intellectual property rights protection, according to Robert Stury, rapporteur of the lead EP Committee on the dossier. It is reported to be similar to ACTA in many ways.

Government and Free Software Policies

Computer World UK: UK Independent Review of "IP" and Growth

The City University London’s Centre for Health Informatics [CHI] launched Health Informatics research programme and policy challenge paper to identify how National Health Service's IT services can be improved and made more cost-effective. It states as it goals: open standards, open source software, open systems interfaces, and agile development.

Recent 80-page study by the Ministry for Public Administration [MJU] shows Slovenia's administration could by 2015 run on 80% of all desktops Free Software and displays a step-by-step plan how this could be achieved.

OSOR: NL: Three nominees for the ‘Open call for tenders of the year’

OSOR: ES: Donostia-San Sebastián City Council installs open source document management system

OSOR: UK: Land Registry deploys open source data management platform

the Open Sourceror: Open Source with the Home Office and the British Computing Society

Open Standards

Broadstuff: During the Web M v's MPEG LA smack-down don't forget the argument for patents – even software patents

the Apache Software Foundation Blog: The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Chemistry as a Top-Level Project

ITWriting: Microsoft Open XML embarrassment: spaces go missing between words

Other interesting links

This months in EDRi's EDRi-gram the topics were: Hungary amends its controversial Media Law; EESC condemns body scanners as a breach of fundamental rights; The French supreme court recognizes hosting status of Web 2.0 services; The US pressures the EU to pass ACTA before the end of 2011; German law on Internet blocking challenged in Constitutional Court; Polish civil society stirs up debate on Internet freedom; France: Loppsi 2 adopted – Internet filtering without court order; Is the EU going to have a new common patent law?; European Privacy & Human Rights 2010; ENDitorial: Internet blocking – EP opts for leadership over populism

The Necessitas team – a Free Software community – releases its first alpha of Qt for Android. Right now this project is not (yet?) endorsed by either Nokia or Google. It's nice to see something positive concerning Qt after all these black scenarios lately :)

the Guardian: Liberation by software

the Register: First details on EC data protection action against UK revealed

The US District Court order prevents Motorola from transferring a range of IP to Nokia Siemens, including interface specs, software and code for wireless products, configuration documentation and tools, any information relating to Huawei strategy, performance data; and that all Motorola staff due to be transferred with the sale be prevented from revealing Huawei information

Sony is caught in a class action case in the US because of its removal of OtherOS (basically GNU/Linux) support in Playstation 3's firmware. The Inquirer has a very short summary, while Groklaw goes into the legal nitty gritty of this case.

CENATIC: Support Free and Open Source Software Community as a candidate for the Prince of Asturias Awards 2011 in the International Cooperation category

FreedomBox Foundation is started. Its aim is to help organize and coordinate the many current freedom box development effort. Freedom Box is the name we give to a personal server running a free software operating system, with free applications designed to create and preserve personal privacy. Freedom Box software is particularly tailored to run in "plug servers," which are compact computers that are no larger than power adapters for electronic appliances. Located in people's homes or offices such inexpensive servers can provide privacy in normal life, and safe communications for people seeking to preserve their freedom in oppressive regimes.

VOX EU: Open vs closed source software: The quest for balance

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