Moving forward with e-mail

Well, after many years of trying to figure things out with how to cope with owning a third-level domain .name domain name, I caved in.

It is technically impossible to set up SPF for a third-level .name domain name e-mail alias (and VeriSign is in not inclined to help one iota1), so I decided to register instead.

The old address will still accept e-mail, but I will not be sending from it. And clearly my homepage will still stay at this address as well.

Coming back to XMPP

On the topic of new contacts, I started running my own XMPP server2! After using Jabber3 as my only IM since 2011 until a few years ago when I got peer-pressured into having to juggle more chat accounts again4, I decided to run my own server.

Honestly, I wish I did this sooner! So far it seems to be much easier than what I thought it would be.

My – at this stage not yet fully thought-through – plan is to create transports / bridges from those other chat protocols to Jabber, so I can keep all in one place. I already use Biboumi to use IRC through XMPP and am pretty happy with it so far.

Which means I also have a new XMPP address (at Since I lost access to the old one (at, I also lost access to all my contacts associated with it.

If you would like to reach me, feel free to (re-)add me. Quite quickly my love for Jabber re-sparked and it became my go-to IM again.

You can find my new e-mail address and JID on the contact page.

hook out → well, that was a ride …

  1. After jumping to many hoops trying several approaches, in the end all I got was essentially “eh, sucks to be you”. The most active VeriSign was here was just cynically changing the official .name website after my complaint that their marketing does not match what they actually deliver. I might blog about it one day, but it is very low on the list. 

  2. Yes, I set up a new server, the migration is 95% done. I will blog about it once it is fully completed. 

  3. We used to call it Jabber back then, and the IM implementation of XMPP is still often referred to as such. 

  4. To my dislike, I currently have to juggle: XMPP, Matrix, IRC, Signal, Slack, Discord (and SMS). And then there are also the μ-blogs like Mastodon. 

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