For the past week or two MSN/WLM has ceased to work in Kopete. Since I already wanted to quit all proprietary IM for reasons I alredy mentioned and I think a half a year's notice should be enough for anybody, I just closed my MSN/Windows Live account.

Microsoft actually has a nice FAQ entry about how to close your MSN/Windows Live ID and it's not that hard to find either. As opposed to e.g. ICQ which after you dig it up just says you cannot close your account or AIM which is impossible to find and basically says "maybe you can, maybe you can't". And in Yahoo's case I had to write an e-mail to support to get the link to delete my Yahoo! account.

Tip: In Konqueror Windows Live gave me an error when I wanted to close the account stating that service is faulty at the moment. If I tried the same in IceCat (GNU fork of Firefox) it worked just fine.

So, I'm not actively using proprietary IM anymore, but I still have to do something about ICQ and AIM (and at some point delete my Yahoo! account as well).

hook out → probably sipping some tea, listening to Iambic² and reading MS' patent on network software updating systems

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