If you have not been following this blog series, I made a wrapper for Firefox to be able to run different tabs (and more) in different KDE Plasma Activities.

Often a hurdle to using a piece of software is that it is not packaged for Linux distros.

Kudos to Aurélien Couderc (coucouf), who packaged already 0.4.1 for Debian and provided the patch to make it easier to package to different distros.

With 0.4.2 version of Activity-aware Firefox we applied that patch. Other then that, the functionality remains the same as in 0.4.1.

Then I also wrote an AUR package, so Arch, EndeavourOS etc. should be covered now too.

As a consequence, Repology now lists 12 distro packages for Activity-aware Firefox – that is a great start!

But while large, Debian- and Arch-based distros are just a subset of all available FOSS operating systems that KDE Plasma and Firefox run on. If someone were to put it on Open Build Service to cover also RPM-based and other distros, that would be a great boon!

Contributions welcome, as I am reaching the limit of my skills here.

hook out → server migration successful – more on that some other day

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