People going out with me have heard that phrase probably thousands of times already.

When they give me in that what the hell's wrong with you look I usually just reply with a "I'm a headbanger, not a dancer" or just "I don't feel like it", because it's simpler that way in a loud club.

But that's just half of the truth. It's also not that I'd worry about looking stupid …it's just that I respect music too much.

The music I like has usually many facets and I don't just enjoy the main rhythm, but also the various instruments individually, the details and the harmony and disharmony they form together. In short, I really get into the music and if I were to let myself go with the music I would need several limbs more to actually move in accordance to what I feel. And well, dancing requires some thinking process as well, so a part of the brain is then occupied with it instead of enjoying the music.

Well, there you have it. If you see me move to music it's either because it took me so much I had to sway because of the power of the rhythm. If you see me moving otherwise then the rest of the croud it's because I listen to the guitar or the keyboards.

But you'll know I'm having a great time, if you see a smirk on my face – no matter if I'm moving, just nodding, or even just standing or sitting there doing nothing.

Yea, I'm weird that way. :]

hook out → gone to Tivoli and Rožnik to work out a bit

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