For the past month or so I have been using KatchTV – a so called "broadcatcher" application for KDE still in early development.

In connection with this I would like to recomend a few FOSS-related video feeds (or "podcasts" as they are popularly called).

Geek Entertainment TV is a feed of short and easy (at the time) weekly reports and interviews about FOSS, "Web 2.0" and other geeky stuff. The audience is not required to have any major technical knowledge, so GETV is very newbie-friendly. Amongst the more interesting interviews is most certainly the one with Richard Stallman.

the_source on the other hand is quite the opposite. It has long very technical episodes. This feed would probably suit more the advanced users. Notable themes covered include the online interview with a developer of Qunu (a novel IM-based community help system) and the start of the Cinelerra HOWTO series.

Also a notable cross platform broadcatcher application is Democracy Player 1. Compared to the small KatchTV it is quite a heavy-wieght, but very nice to use.

  1. Update: Democracy Player is now known as Miro

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