There's been quite some news to report from my life since my last post.

First of all, I joined the Slovene KDE translation team (btw: the homepage listed there is waaaay outdated, since they moved to a WikiWiki page now) and am currently working on a translation of Krecipes, that you by now already know about from my previous posts, I guess. I'm almost done, having translated already over 60% of the whole application.

And then there's another, more importaint thing to me:

I've decided to change my life style back to my old self – it may sound stupid, but I'm serious about it. I've been living this impulsive life style for far too long! I have to change back to my old easy going self, or things could go seriously awry! I noticed not far ago again, that I resemble a wolf quite close in various characteristics: I feel great in a pack, I don't bug or attack people until they attack me, and as a loner I get too contemplative and close myself towards others.

So, what to do? I have to stop doing things too impulsevly and start planning, I have to settle down, it would do me only good to let my energy out again with some good training (my body longs for it already!) and maybe the most importaintly of all – I have to find my pack again! Me and my firends haven't seen eachother that often anymore since we're on the university – and our faculty (Faculty of Law in Ljubljana) is not exactly the kindest place on Earth! You have to have very good friends to survive the kicking of the numberious hypocrits there. … Anyhoo, here's to my new self! *takes a good sip of rum*

Having said that, you shouldn't be surpirized that one of my very favourite anime series is Wolf's Rain (info). Here's what some quizes say about my character, if I were one of the wolfs in that anime. If you'd know me, you'd probably agree that there's some characteristical resemblence – even though most of these quizes are just for fun. ^-^ Kiba from Wolf's Rain

…and the obligatory FOSS news:

  • I've just found out about Doomsday Engine – an engine that lets you play Doom, Heretic and Hexen on different platforms (Linux and Win* are currently supported). Ok, ok, you might say "oh, great! another doom engine!! like we don't have dozens already!" – and you'd be pretty right, but this one really does make this old titles look great! Just check out the screenshots on their homepage!
  • ScummVM has reached version 0.6.1. For those who don't know this awesome thing yet: it's a cross-platform engine that lets you play classic adventure games (like: Beneath a Steel Sky, Monkey Island, Simon the Sourcerer, …) on nearly every platform there is – even on handheld devices!! *dreams how he would play Loom on a Sharp Zaurus*. Oh, and those who don't have anything to play on ScummVM can try either the demos of the classics – or even better! play the now freely available great great classic games titles: Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, Flight of the Amazon Queen. You can get the latter two on the ScummVM download page under the "Extras!" section. And Lure of the Temptress can be found on the Revolution Games homepage.

hook out → gone studying


Image of Kiba is not my work, but taken from chichan’s (now offline) quiz at Quizilla. I consider copying it here fair use, as this was explicitly the point of the quiz’s results.

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