Just got back from sailing. Man, it was hot!! Definetly waaaaay over 30°C. It was too hot to sail, so I spent most of my time reading the Mutiny on the Bounty (Charles Nordhoff, James Norman Hall) printed in the year 1936. It's actually a very nice book – too bad the numberious attempts to present it to little kids throw such a bad light at it.

Just before we went from home I learned that an application, I was watching for some time – Krecipes has just reached 0.5 (beta). This made me decide that as soon as I get my MySQL up and running, I'll start writing down some recipes I use.

For those unfamiliar with what Krecipes is: it's an app used to write, share and read recipes using SQL databases.

After quite a while (too busy!), I visited again the forums of a project I started – TreeCastle. We strive to develop a section of the PlaneShift world. Well, anyhoo, the thing is that on the forums I had to straighten out some differences of two devs (one newer younger and one i know from IRL). We're currently in a kind of a writer's block, but I'm sure after the holidays when there's another call all-hands-on-deck, we'll be up and running again. ^_^.v

Some other news from the FOSS world:

  • KDE, my dektop of choice, has reached two new versions: the stable 3.2.3 and the testing 3.3_beta2 "Kollege"
  • Open Ski Jumping – a game at first intended to be a clone of the renown Deluxe Ski Jump has reached version 0.2.0. For now it's only got three hills to play, but with time the devs promise to surpass Deluxe Ski Jump by miles. If not my other means at least with the network play.
  • S.C.O.U.R.G.E. – Heroes of the lesser renown – a rogue-like RPG, that strives to please old-skoolers and younger players alike has also reached 0.5

…aaah, I feel so much better at looking at such good progress made by so many projects I like.

hook out → gone sleeping [tired!]

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