As I said, I'm changing back my lifestyle – and to make it more precievable I've also changed the way me and my desktop(s) look like.

Me? I've started wearing the bear's claw again and am dressing in more light coloured clothes. Also I think my walk has changed to a bit more easygoing stride. Feels good to be myself again! ^-^

The dekstops? I'm still using KDE with 6 virtual desktops, but now with the Baghira window decorations, Near Aqua colour scheme, Amaranth Altheae icons, High Performance Liquid style, two karamba themes (SysMonitor, SmallTunes), a semi-transparent blue-tinted kicker, transparent Kopete using the iChat theme, dark semi-transparent Konsole without window decorations, the wallpapers and the Xmms skin are in anime style and the Firefox theme is called Saferfox.

Screenshot hungry? …maybe some day later, along with the links to the themes I use – I'm going to sit behind the books for a while now ;)

Anyhoo – back to studying! On monday, I have a training session with the assistant professor of Roman Law, and have to be ready for it!! *sips some Prince of Wales (Twinings) tea*

hook out → gone studying

p.s. this post will be edited in the future, when i add the links and the screenshots

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