The day of love is going to an end and before expressing my gratitude to some Free Software that makes my day, I’ll try to explain why there are so many people expressing such powerful emotion towards it.

In the modern society where software governs many aspects of our lives – from handilng basically all our communication to making our travels safe. We let software entertain us and we use it to vote on important decisions. We meet through it, we work through it and yet don’t realise it’s there. In such a world Free Software and Open Standards are the ones ensuring us basic human rights that we take in the real world for granted.

So, if you don’t scream it out loud from the rooftops, at the very least take a moment to look around you and notice all the Free Software that you use in daily life and appreciate it ☺

I love Free Software!

Personally, I love that with FS, even as a non-coder/lawyer I can do something cool with the software I use and I’m able to contribute back to all the wonderful projects out there. Learning how to code, learning how the internet work, see borderless communities share their work and ideas… I can’t imagine this anywhere else and it’s exteremly inspiring!

So here is my (not by far complete) list of less known projects that appriciate make my life better:

  • FCron – is a very powerful Cron deamon that makes sure that whatever processes and scripts I want to have done on a regular basis, get done, even if my laptop is not powered on 24/7 (safe assumption for any non-server TBH);
  • TaimeTraquerKarsten already expressed his love towards GTimeLog …well, this is an even less known KDE KRunner for it, and I adore it for not being in my way when I don’t need it;
  • Zanshin – a KDE/Akonadi-based ToDo manager based on the GTD principle …it keeps me organised and therefore preserves my sanity;
  • Seeks – a P2P social web search (meta)engine, which IMHO is the future of web searching. It’s quite different to use then Google, so you do want to read the short manual first, but boy is it worth it! I’ve been using it as my primary search engine for months now and when I find time I’ll run my own node as well. (Update: Seeks is now being revived and getting rewritten into Python.)

It’s not too late, go to the IRC channels and forums of FS you use and let the hard-working people, who code to empower you, know that you appreciate their hard work!

hook out → share the love!

P.S. And while we’re on the topic of human rights – please sign this petition to keep water a public commodity in Europe.

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