It's a common misconception that geeks and hackers are unsporty, acne-prone and alergic to pretty much everything.

A lot of hackers I know are very active cyclists (and not just the point A → point B type!), some of them train something regularly or even do extreme sports. There's a few you'd rather not pick a fight with in a bar!

And me? I used to train gymnastics for years, was a scout (also a leader) …I even trained waterpolo and box for a short time (and of course occasional skiing, mountaineering, cycling, skating etc.). These days I mosty sail, do yoga and play footbag (commonly known as "hackey sack").

Today I "hacked the sack" after long years of idleness on that field and reached 20 kicks in a row pretty fast! It's funny how such little things make you feel good about yourself sometimes :]

…apart from that footbag was a thing we did in highschool and always reminds me of my ex-schoolmates. And it just happened that on the same day I heard on of them talking on Radio Študent (Ljubljana) (the local student radio, obviously). Well, short story made shorter: after years some of us are meeting up again for a nice chat …and hopefully some hackey-sack ;)

hook out → writing an article about FCron for Linux Journal

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