Today's been a great sunny day!

At first I've decided to show some care for my own laptop – as opposed to fixing the computer I've been trusted at work. So after I had my breakfast and done the dishes I started to set the USE flags straight, re-emerge the effected ebuilds and eye-candy my X (from with nicer fonts.

But then I looked out of the window and noticed the vibrant colour of the sky and when I stepped on the balcony with my cup of tea in the hand, the warmth of the sun made me squint with delight. So I said to myself: "To hell with sitting behind the laptop! Why have I learnt to use it other then make my life easier!" So I left my laptop to update itself while I went for a walk in the old town and the Tivoli park.

It felt good to freestyle with my footbag after so many months and on such a great day! Especially with the nice mixture of Jamiroquai, Moveknowledgment, Bob Marley, Gentleman and Interpol on my iRiver. Well, yea, of course I wasn't in top form playing hackey sack …rusting in, after such a long time. But that's not the point! The point is that I enjoyed myself greatly! :]

…and it's getting even better! Tonight we're going out with two great guys (a pair) I've met in Trier on a study visit with ELSA

Also, I've seen a movie on XGL. XGL makes X run using OpenGL, which makes it run using the graphic cards resources directly instead of the CPU and the main RAM. Also it makes it possible for your desktop to be full of eye-candy, you couldn't run before, and that without effecting the overall performace of the machine. I'm currently downloading the Koroaa LiveCD to test out this little …heh, not little – humongous gem!

hook out → take a short-ish nap, make some tea, start to tweak the laptop and go out …yup, life is beautiful! :]

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