Since of late, this is my favourite quote on life:

Life is random. The only constant is change. So take it one step at a time and boogie…

I found it on a wallpaper from Butternutsquash – a fun, webcomic more or less showing the guys' view on life.

A similar view of my own on life was

Life's like water. Not just the river or sea like water, everyone tries to convience you in. But the whole thing from your birth as a drop, and growing into a torrent, slowly meeting others in a river and finally reaching the sea, where you eventually evaporate.

In that whole time you don't just go with the main flow – you ARE the flow. You are a single current in that massive flow of the river, and you stay a current as well in the sea.

And when you meet an obstacle you either destroy it, go over/around it or break at it. But even if you break it's just a short setback – you put your flow together again pretty soon. :D

…well, that's just a short recap of it, I'll probably post (or edit) the whole "my life philosophy" thing soon-ish. :P

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