Ye gods! These were some very tought past days! Well, we ELSA Ljubljana helped to organize a moot court regional final together with the ELMC (old site archived here) and it was soooo tiring!!

Well, on the positive side, there were quite a few very interesting people attending this moot court competition. And also, in the end, everything turned out great.

On a completely irelevant matter, I've decided to read the 10K Commotion webcomic/manga again – it's about a DDR competition. But the real treat is that the drawing style is very fresh and the personalities of the cast seem to be quite well thought through! :]

Oh, and this is what I get on their short personality test:

Chaser from 10K Commotion

Chaser! Heh heh… Score…

…hehe, you've got to let your inner child do silly stuff from time to time ;)

hook out → going under the shower, to finally drink a decent cup of tea after several days again

P.S. Bloody hell, this will be a busy month!!! – have to study for an exam, I have two check-ups, quite a number of written assignments to do for English Law Terminology, visit the criminal court and write two assignments for Criminal Process Law and Criminal Material Law as well! …oh, and I'll be in Germany for a week!! …hmmm, and I've proposed to write another article for TUX Magazine …let the games begin!! :D


The image of Chaser is not mine, but is taken from the quiz at Quizilla, that was created by Yukon Makoto — the author of the Tenkay Commotion webcomic and retains all copyright in it. I consider copying it here fair use, as this was explicitly the point of the quiz’s results.

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