I've been wanting to learn Python for quite some time, but never really found the time to focus on it.

Now I finally (re)started to learn it – so far I'm using the Instant Hacking tutorial.

Why I chose to try to learn a programming language again? Well, I think – although I'm a law student – that the knowledge of programming can useful to me. If for nothing else, at least to harness the power of computers (that more or less, we all have to use in the present time) better. And Python, because, in my experience, it's a language which logic I – as a non-mathematical person – understand better then let's say C++.

But the actual triggers that sent a boot to my buttocks, were:

  • that Jure "Gandalf" Čuhalev [blog] – one of my mates that studies sociology – learnt it and said to help me, if I needed anything; and
  • that Thomas Nagy [page] – the mind behind the mindmapping tool Kdissert – persuaded me, that I should write an importer for Kdissert myself and that some coding skills will most probably help me whatever I study So, there you have it – I'm learning Python again :]

hook out → finished practicing Python for today, typing some minutes

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