The observant visitor of this homepage will notice that today two things changed:

First, that the layout has changed. I added another sidepanel in order to make more organised with the content-related blocks on the left and the user block etc. on the right. You will also notice my Last.FM charts on the right panel. I have not found yet the perfect style to fit my default theme, so expect changes in the future.

The second change is that I added AdBard. The reason I did so is that AdBard promotes only FOSS, as stated on their about page:

The Ad Bard Network is the only advertising network designed specifically for reaching the developers, architects, users and influencers in the free software community, allowing advertisers to directly communicate with the key customers in this exciting new area.

Another plus is that they only show advertisments with text and a small static picture, so they are by far not as annoying as the animated and flashy type you see on torrent sites.

I know I will not make a fortune by showing ads (especially since the number of my visitors is relatively low), but if I will be able to pay my domain name registration and maybe even have some spare euros to spend on free music on Jamendo and Magnatune, I will be more then happy. But if not, that is just as right – mainly I am doing it to help promote FOSS businesses.

Update: Sadly AdBard ceased to exist.

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