Heeheehee hahahahaha!! :D

It rarely happens that at my age I get so giddy when a new game comes out ….but it's true! We've been waiting for it so so sooooooooo long and it's finally here!!!

I have to pinch myself again OJo … Monkey Island is back!!! :D

And that two fold! LucasArts got together with Telltale Games (who are basically rogue LucasArts developers) and made a remake of the original, calling it The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

While Telltale Games by itself started making a 5-episode-long series called Tales of Monkey Island! That's right the so long awaitedTM MI5 consists of 5 episodes!!

How much cooler does it get!! XD

[OK, if they made a GNU/Linux client, that'd shut down my mind and make me spill all my life juices …but, yeah, not happening (yet) :P]

Now, I only need to get enough pieces of eight to get a credit card and buy that Big Whoop to make my Treasure of Monkey IslandTM complete and relive my childhood. Oh, how much I enjoyed those times playing MI. Oh, the fun, the laughter, the rubber chicken with the pulley in the middle …good times :]

This news made my day …even if it'll take a while to get it working under Wine (probably using PlayOnLinux) and the current state of 3D support on Radeon drivers … even if it'll take me months before I'll be able to play it, it will be worth every moment!!!

Teeheehee, sorry, when it comes to Monkey IslandTM, I get carried away :]

I love you guys!!! XD

hook out → gleeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Monkey IslandTM!!! :D

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