This week I finally got my Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

For those who do not know it yet, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console, which can be used either hand-held or docked and connected into a TV. Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness game for it that uses the joy-cons’ motion controls in connection with a custom pilates ring and a leg strap in order to track your movement.

The waiting

I actually liked the sound of it from the very start. It sounded exactly what I needed to trick me into starting a regular training routine and get back into shape. I already keep a workout log, and am ashamed to admit it is depressingly empty.

Ideally I would like to properly pick up rowing, but I found that my core muscles are not on par yet to keep up with others in the Ljubljana Rowing Club. At least that is my excuse …

Why did it take me so long? Well, I seriously misjudged how popular Ring Fit Adventure would be and it sold out before I could get my hands on one.

But this week, I finally got mine!

So how did it work out?

Day 1 – Getting to know the beast

The first evening I fired it up just to check it out. Did not even bother changing clothes.

After calibration, after getting 100% push and pull strength on the ring, and asking me a few questions, the game evaluated my difficulty level to 14. Playing the first level of the first world proved to be pretty easy, but I was definitely moving.

I really liked that the game wants you to stretch before and after, and even rewards you for doing so. On the first level, I got to meet the main protagonist and antagonist, but there was no fighting yet.

When you finish for the day, the game also assesses how hard the workout was for you. As it turns out it was merely a light workout for me, it suggested to raise the difficulty a bit, so next day I start on difficulty level 16.

Then I tried the paragliding and robot-smashing mini-games, which were surprisingly fun, but also physically engaging.

First impressions:

  • very well made, both hardware and software
  • this could be fun, yay!
  • mini-games are pretty fun as well

Day 2 – Fighting through the first world

Right, so first proper day, level 16 difficulty, and I set myself to go through the whole first world, including replaying the first level. This time I changed to gym clothes – and, boy, was it a good idea!

This time, I not only needed to run, squeeze and pull the ring, but also had to fight off monsters.

The turn-based combat where you attack and block performing exercises like squats, over-head squeees of the ring, knees-to-chests, and the chair yoga position, was even more engaging than I thought! Both workout- and gaming-wise.

In the end, I had fun, felt engaged and challenged, and actually broke out quite a sweat. The boss battle at the end of the first world was pretty intense.

So far Ring Fit Adventure exceeded my expectations. Let us see if it keeps me engaged.

Day 3 – Things ramp up

Next day I kept the difficulty at 16, which proved to be a good idea. If the day before I got a moderate workout, today I got substantially worked out.

What was not a good idea, was setting the alarm to an early hour. The vibration is pretty strong and made a lot of noise on the table. I fixed it by changing it to a later hour.

I managed to play throught three adventure levels of the second world, where one was the robo-smashing mini-game, before the game asked me if I had enough. I am somewhat ashamed to admit, that I actually did have.

What I also noticed is that the cooldown stretching at the end differs depending on which muscles you worked out most during your playthrough. Which makes a lot of sense, but something I honestly did not expect.

I cannot say my muscles hurt, but I definitely feel them. So far the game seems to set its difficulty really well.

So far the story is not really super griping, but it is good and funny enough to keep me engaged and moderately entertained.

During the weekend I will probably rest, but next week, I will start it up again.

hook out → feeling fitter by the meter

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