The avid reader might recall that since 2011 or so I have been shaving with DE razor blades – that is right, the ones that your granddad might have used – and last year I wrote the reasons why shaving oil and DE blades are the superior method of shaving as well as a small tutorial.

After I started shaving with DE blades, I noticed that there are so many different ones to chose from1 and they all fit into the same (or any) razor handle. The geek that I am, it is needless to say, I soon started testing them out using a (semi-)scientific method ☺

In the meantime DE blades are slowly becoming a trend, so it was high time for me to update my reviews.

Today the list of the DE razor blades that I tested has increased with the following models, rounding the number to a nice dozen:

  • Bic Chrome Platinum (made in Greece)
  • Bolzano Superinox Indossabile (made in Germany)
  • Polsilver Super Iridium (made in Russia)
  • Tiger Superior Stainless (made in the Czech Republic)

The list has shuffled around a bit, with new favourites some old ones were pushed down into the acceptable category.

In the meantime I have used many different shaving oils, therefore I decided to start a separate page for shaving oil reviews as well.

So far I have tested the following oils:

  • L’Occitane Cade Shaving Oil
  • REN Skincare Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil
  • Somersets Maximum Glide Original
  • Refinery Shave oil
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Chamomile Shaving Oil

If you are interested in such things, I have stumbled across the following e-Book on the Internet Archive: Shaving made easy; what the man who shaves ought to know…. It is mostly about the straight razor and shaving soap, but still a fun read for a 100 year old book.

hook out → merry Christmas everyone!

  1. Mostly because, as opposed to modern cartridge razors (e.g. Gillette Mach3, Wilkinson Sword Quattro, etc.), there are no patents preventing standardisation and competition. Does this situation sound familiar

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