I have seen many reviews – mostly on forums – of different brands of DE blades. Something that bothered me about it, is that none that I could find were shaving with shaving oil (instead of foam or soap). Another thing I noticed is that the reviews differed quite a bit and most seemed to be based on one shave alone.

This as well as led me to conduct a slightly more scientific approach, where I would shave in the same manner, under everyday conditions, and used a longer time to evaluate a blade.

For the first run I have tested:

  • Merkur Super Platinum (made in Germany),
  • Derby Extra (made in Turkey),
  • Gillette Platinum (made in Russia),
  • Mem Super Silver Platinum (made in Serbia),
  • Müller M-Man (made in Israel),
  • Wilkinson Sword (made in Germany),
  • Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum (made in Japan); and
  • Dorco Platinum ST-300 (made in Korea).

The results are recorded on a separate page called My favourite razor blades for shaving with oil, which will be regularly updated.

hook out → very happy not to have to log all my shaves any more for a while ☺

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