Regarding Free Software Licensing, FSF explains some more why companies should switch to GPLv3 and the Linux Foundation publishes version 1.0 of SPDX – their standard format for communicating free software license and copyright information.

I would also like to point you out to a recent evolvement in the US regarding Software Patents – read Does not compute: court says only hard math is patentable.

W3C made it now made easier to initiate new development projects (see Open Standards).

In the Other interesting links section under the title All Your BASH Are Belong to Us you will find a disturbing tale of a legal case featuring BASH scripts.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Diego J. Naranjo Barroso – FSFE's new intern – for helping me gather the articles for this week. Also I would like to thank Natalia Evdokimova again for her help with this update for the past months.

Free Software Licensing

the Linux Foundation: Press Release Announcing SPDX 1.0

FSF: Android GPLv2 termination worries: one more reason to upgrade to GPLv3

Free Software Business

Engadget: CyanogenMod founder joins Samsung Mobile, promises to make Android 'more awesome'

Computer World UK: Simon Says…: Is WebOS Android's "Stalking Horse"?

Software Patents

Ars Technica: Patent troll targets Apple's Disk Utility over alleged patent violation

Ars Technica: Does not compute: court says only hard math is patentable

the Register: Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic

Business Insider: How To Get Rid Of Patent Trolls For Good Platform wars: software patents in a new light

Ars Technica: Google, needing patents, buys Motorola wireless for $12.5 billion

Ars Technica: Does not compute: court says only hard math is patentable

Open Standards

W3C announces the launch of a light-weight way for non-members as well as members to initiate new development projects.

Government and Free Software Policies

OSOR: DK: 25,000 hospital staff Copenhagen region to use open source office suite

Michael Geist Blog: Pushing the Limits of State Surveillance

OSOR: 'Government open source projects should work closely with community'

OSOR: RO: Interoperability requirements force Ministry to block open source

Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms

Ars Technica: Need a warrant to unmask Internet users? Not if Canada gets its way

TorrentFreak: Nobody Asked for a Refrigerator Fee

Other interesting links

the Inquirer: The cloud is not smart enough to be reliable, says uptime specialis

the Inquirer: Linux 'is no longer the challenger', says Red Hat CEO

Ars Technica: 27,000 South Korean iPhone users suing Apple over "Locationgate"

FSFE Blogs: Can You Copyright Cultural Conciousness? I Don’t Know…

Social Science Research Network: Markets are Efficient if and Only if P = NP

XBMC: the Differences Between Plex and XBMC:

Cluster Monkey: All Your BASH Are Belong To Us

TechnoLlama: When copyright collecting societies act against artists

TechnoLlama: SCRIPTed August 2011

TechnoLlama: Why net neutrality is not a priority in developing countries

A new operating system distribution emerges based on OpenSolaris/Illumos.

Ars Technica: Microsoft wishes Linux a happy 20th birthday

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