Ok, my hand's now good enough to type again. I went to the doctor yesterday to check on it. Weeeeell, that "one" stich the doctor in the emergency room made, are actually three! …But ok, he did a great job and the wound is healing pretty fast without any bigger unpleasanties. Oh, and the doctor gave me a tetanus shot "just in case" – it was a bit funny that the tetanus shot hurt more then the actual dog bite – but that's probaby because of the shock you get when in real danger rends you imune to pain for a short while.

Oh, sorry for not updating for so long. There were actually three factors to it: the visit, the hurting arm and the fact that my internet connection went down here for a few days -_-

Anyway – here I am back, in (almost) perfect condition

Aaaaaah, since I wasn't able to use the keyboard too much I went on playing the genre games that (in most cases) require no keyboard input at all, but are still one of the two of the best and oldest genres in computer gaming – yes, that's right adventure games …What's the other ganre? Why, RPG's of course!

Anyway, I've been playing the already mentioned before Flight of the Amazon Queen now for a few days – it's a great game! I can't understand why they don't make more adventure games – does the gaming industry really think that today's kids are only thinking with a shootgun in their hands? Do the kids really lack the sense for adventure, humour and (almost) unviolent fun??? …I sure hope not! But the gaming industry sure does seem to think so. Take LucasArts for example – they canceled out in the almost last minute of fine-tuning the sequels to the legendary Sam'n'Max and Full Throttle in favour of yet another Star Wars title. Many oldskool adventurer, including me, thought and still thinks they've completely lost it – gods, they have to smoke some really heavy stuff there at Lucas! O_o

Well, not everything's that bad – there's rumours of Monkey Island 5 …and I've found some neat community fan sites of Monkey Island – one of my all time favourite game series!

There's even a nifty fan comic that can be found on World of Monkey Island.

Oh, ye gods! There's so many FOSS news I have to post now!! °¤°

so here it is…

  • the SDL port of Homeworld has reached 0.3 (alpha) …for every Homeworld fan this port's a must-have, since there'll be a nifty network game mode.
  • Battle for Wesnoth (a great turn-based stratagy) has reached yet another great release! 0.8.1 …go on, go drool over the screenshots ;)
  • does anyone not remember the Settlers series? well, now there's a pretty nice FOSS game very similar to it but with a few added gems, called Widelands
  • i think this one doesn't need any introduction :) LBreakout2 has reached version 2.5

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