Yes, the unthinkable happened: my laptop died!. It won't even boot into BIOS. I already tried a few obvious tricks like taking it apart and cleaning it up and even some less obvious that a friend of mine (MaQ) suggested. No luck :\

And as irony will, it happened just a few months after my backup disk died. Thankfully I have most of my important stuff on SpiderOak and it seems like my laptop's HDD is still in tact. It's still quite a drawback, as it was my only box.

So, dear lazyweb, if anyone can suggest a decent GNU/Linux compatible cca. 15" laptop, please let me know.

So far I've been looking at Lenovo's ThinkPads and HP's Elite and business ranges. HP EliteBook's specs are really nice, but the keyboard is awful! I'd prefer an ATI or an Intel graphics card (because of the FOSS drivers), a decent battery life and alltogether a box that would last me at least 4 years. Any suggestions are welcome!

R.I.P. sweet Elbereth.

hook out → studying and trying to figure out what his new laptop should be like

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