It's a bit sad topic for teh tenth post, but yesterday I got bitten by a dog. It was a bit of a schock for me, since I'm pretty good with dogs, not to mention that we have one at home …but, well, you learn something every day :3

He bit me hard into the right hand …but it's not that bad – the fingers hurt, but are functional (will be 100% when it heals) and on the backhand there's a 2x2 cm wound – got a few stiches, but that's it …shoul be able to write /and type) in a fwe days and after 10 days i get the stiches pulled out. Today I had to go again to the hospital to tell them whose dog it was, so they can check if it has rabies and on monday – after my oral exam at the assistant prof's! – the family doctor will exchange the bandages.

I'm ok, I'm jst a bit sorry that we (that's my friend, the two german girls and i) couldn't go to the sea yesterday – that happened on the way there :/ …and I won't be updating this blog untill my hand stops hurting. There's quite some thigns that i could write into the FOSS news, but …yea, i think you understand…

p.s. sory about the typos – it's hard to type with just the left hand ~_~ …took me a qhile to type it already

hook out

Update: After migrating, I intentionally left the typos as they were.

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