Imagine! I tried to get synaptics working properly on my Acer Aspire 5022 both in Linux and on the pre-installed Windows XP – and just couldn't figure it out. Even under wintendo (=windoze, win32, win*, winblows, windows for those who don't know) it didn't work properly whatever I did to it. So I almost decided that the damn touchpad's just foo.

Weeeeeeell, just a minute or two ago I installed libsynaptics and ksynaptics on my Gentoo Linux, added a line to the xorg.conf and restarted the X.

Works! :D

All buttons – check

Vertical scrolling – yup

Horizontal scrolling – aye!

Tapping – sure!

Now all I need to figure out is why the KSynaptics GUI isn't working.

Oh, and try it out if the tapping works normally even after waking up from suspend to RAM.

And as a side note: home-made bubble tea from Gunpowder with a tropic syrup's slightly better then the previous try, but still not close to the instant powder stuff… hmmm, more alchemy's in order, I see!

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