…is stupid.

The reasons for a war might be sensible sometimes and the goals of the whole she-bang might as well …well, at least for one side, if not both.

But when you take war per se apart and analize its very basic essence – a whole bunch of people fighting and preferably killing a whole bunch of other people – it's as mad as a rabid fox who ate its own wieght in poisionous mushrooms, puked them out and ate them again!

Sometimes I dream the "big minds" would settle their (and their countries') disputes over something like chess or if that's not complex enough for them and their armies: over a strategy simulation that runs on a game server administrated by the (let's say) UN.

And why not? It's said by historians to have been done before.

…the only catch is that (at least some of) those buggers'd have to look up the word "honour" in the dictionary and stick to it.

hook out → making some hand-made bubble tea (Dragon Pearl with orange-peach syrup, no tapioca) and gone studying civil law …later on: maybe PlaneShift.

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