Would you believe it? I'm still underslept, "a tad" overworked and most of the time just half-awake.

But, I guess, we've all been there before numberous times – just as you finish with a load of work and think you'll have time to rest, some new stuff pops up. …frankly I'm too tired to list all of what I've done in the past weeks …or even to remember all of those things. But the bottom line is that I'm pooped. :/

And if that's not enough – I've got something we call a "triplet" on our faculty (three exams in one) on the 13ith of March …which leaves me less then a fortnight to study. For three exams. 3. Yea. Fun. Joy. Party…

hook out → listening to Portishead makes me close my eyes …mmmmmm …a cuppa Lapsang Souchong'd be nice :]

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