I’ve decided to re-take the course “Gentle Introduction to Python” 1 on MOOC-E, which is starting on the 17th of June.

But this is not about letting people know of my personal plans: If you’re from Slovenia, or better yet from Ljubljana, I’d like to let you know that I’m thinking of holding (ir)regular meetups with any local participants and the wonderful Python guys and gals from Kiberpipa.

Now, if you haven’t heard about MOOC-E or the Mechanical MOOC yet, a quick glace at their website says it all:

Mechanical MOOC is two things: A massive open online course (MOOC), and an experiment in how to offer these courses.

First, the course: We’re offering an eight-week course called A Gentle Introduction to Python. It is, as it sounds, a course in learning the basics of Python programming.

Second, the approach: Rather than trying to create a platform that structures the end-to-end learning experience, as recent MOOCs have done, we’re taking the best of existing open learning site – content from MIT OpenCourseWare, communities from OpenStudy, exercises by Codecademy – and joining them loosely with a mailing list that will coordinate student activity.

Instead of a professor or university organizing the class, our e-mail scheduler will do it – that’s why it’s mechanical.

As already said, I already experienced this system and can warmly recomend it – at least for me the balance between the freedom not to be bound to a strict deadline and a certain amount of peer pressure, is a exactly the right way to study at the moment.

hook out → sipping Korean Osulloc oolong tea with cocoa splinters and caramel (plus a bit of sugar and a dash of milk)

  1. I dropped out in week 5 or so out of 8 due to other obligations.2 

  2. This time again I dropped out due to work and study obligations :P It's still a great system, just bad timing from my side. 

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