Hey, me again! (really, you wouldn't expect it, would ya? ;))

Well, Nietzsche will have to wait. I don't have enough time and mental power to spare for philosophy and my next exam at the same time. But I did pick up Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. It might sound wierd, but Sturm und Drang is probably one of my favourite literary eras, and I haven't read much from Lessing yet – high time I do it then :D

Oh, I'm currently writing an article for my page on abandonware. Should be up sometime soon-ish. :]

And, what's even better! I'm doing my first article for which I will actualy get paid for!! Woohoo!! TUX magazine – a free online magazine for Linux newbies – has approved my assignment to write a HOWTO on making the iRiver "mp3 player" work under Linux.

So, yea, things are getting better and better. :]

hook out → relaxing while reading Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life, drinking South African Kwazulu tea and listening to the Raveonettes "…aaah, good times *sip* and now for some studying"

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