I've just gotten my latest issue of TUX Magazine and wanted to read it. And I said to myself, "Well, heck, let's try KPDF again, maybe it works this time.". And, lo! Not only did it work – I have to mention that my last version of KPDF was showing wrong characters in text – but it opened up TUX just like TUX claims it should "automatically open up in full screen", which KDPF calls the Presentation mode (under: views)

And the wonders just don't stop there!! It seems that getting a usability expert on the team has really made a great difference…

The usability of it, makes you wonder which angel got its wings at the time this version was released! Not only are the thumbnails faster and more accurate and the reorganization of the buttons and menus really makes sense. Also the rest of the interface (including the selection tool) has been undergone quite a bit of rethinking and (re)polishing. There's also a gem or two hidden in the above-mentioned presentation mode: For one, you can now go to the next page just by clicking the left mouse button and to the previous with the right one. And the other nifty feature in it is the semi-transparent circle that appears in the upper-right corner and shows the page number and its relative position in the document, which is somewhat a circular progress bar.

Oh, and the rendering's ultra-fast!

There are some screenshots on KPDF's homepage, but take my word on it – they just don't give it enough credit!

So, don't hesitate, give KPDF a go!

Update: Since this blog KDPF has been transformed into Okular and has become just amazing.

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