For the past weeks/months I had severe problems with my otherwise nifty printer.

The thing was that after an update CUPS stopped printing. If I used the hpijs drivers, printing from most applications and PDF via lpr didn't work; but the hpcups drivers didn't even seem to include the driver I needed and/or failed to print. If I knew the reason, I'd happily tell you and report a bug.

I did manage to solve the problem though with the help of HPLIP's Launchpad

Here's the solution that worked for me. I emerged the following versions of ebuilds with the following USE flags:

  • emerged net-print/cups-1.4.4 with

    USE="X acl dbus gnutls jpeg ldap pam perl png python slp ssl threads tiff usb xinetd -debug -java -kerberos -php -samba -static"
  • emerged net-print/hplip-3.10.6 with

    USE="X hpcups libnotify policykit scanner snmp -doc -fax -hpijs -minimal -parport -qt4 -static-ppds -udev-acl"
  • emerged app-text/ghostscript-gpl-8.71-r5with

    USE="X cairo cups djvu jpeg2k -bindist -gtk"
  • removed the the printer from the CUPS web interface;

  • re-added the printer via hp-setup

(of course not all flags are relevant here and I omitted the linguas_* flags)

Your milage may vary, but this combination worked for me.

Update 1: my milage varies here as well. :P

Update 2: got it working now – it seems (at least in part) to be a Zeroconf problem from CUPS' side

hook out → after a good week of housework, now enjoying air condition

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