I decided as much as possible to use only free/libre licensed software etc.

So I changed my /etc/make.conf appropriately:


This is relatively strict setting, but I chose it because I want to see exactly how many and which ebuilds I need for normal use that are not fully free.

So far here's the roughly categorised statistics of my install:

 3 /etc/portage/package.license/emul
 3 /etc/portage/package.license/fonts
10 /etc/portage/package.license/games
 3 /etc/portage/package.license/internet
 5 /etc/portage/package.license/media
32 /etc/portage/package.license/system
 6 /etc/portage/package.license/text
62 total

The packages that a Listed as system include 7 ebuilds of archiving/compressing software and 8 dev-perl ebuilds which are under Artistic license (seems in Perl Artistic license is quite strong). In text the majority comes from TexLive and the licenses are LPPL-1.3 or -1.3c (1.2 is already in @FSF-APPROVED). In games the most used license is Moria since I have quite a number of rogue-likes installed.

On a related note: I'll be applying for the Gentoo Licenses team. I figured that's the thing I can help with which I'm best suited for.

hook out → just got my SmartCard reader for my Fellowship OpenPGP card, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D

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