As I already said before I've started to only use free (as in speech) music and so far it's going great. Expect a weekly report soon-ish :]

But for some reason I also decided to change some of my other habits, while I was at it, so I:

  • I switched back from Paludis to Portage – was quite a bumpy ride again, with some breakages (gcc and KDE for example) that had to be handled with with care. And I even managed to forget to use the --oneshot flag, so I had to manually edit my /var/lib/portage/world again. But I think it was the right way to do. In any case I'm keeping the Paludis settings, so I can always switch back to it if I want to.

  • I downgraded to Qt 4.4 – I just felt annoyed with the visual glitched that KDE 4.2 produced on Qt 4.5 and took the oportunity by its proverbial horns.

  • I'm still testing SpiderOak as my backup utlitly – the binary ebuild I wrote is still a bit buggy, but the basics work and I hope when they open the client's source I'll be able to write a decent ebuild.

  • I ditched NetworkManager in favour of WICD – this started because I wondered if there was a lightweight GUI or even a CLI command for NetworkManager. After a bit of research and some chatting on the IRC, I found out that WICD actually suits me a lot better then NetworkManager. It's small, the GUI is optional (the default uses in GTK+ and there's even a new one using NCurses), it can connect on boot and there's already support for it in KDE's Solid. The only thing that its lacking is VPN and some fancier methods of networks like via mobile phones, which I don't use anyway.

  • I finally configured my Irssi – I've been wanting to configure it for quite some time, but never got to it. Waiting for gcc and KDE to compile was the perfect oportunity to edit its configuration a bit.

  • I brushed off the dust from Awesome and Fluxbox – while I was without KDE, I decided to pimp out a bit my Awesome and Fluxbox. I'm already quite happy with Fluxbox, but I'll have to put some more work into my Awesome configuration. But I feel Awesome is really worth some extra effort – it's one hell of a tiling WM!

So, you see, some major changes on this lil' ol' laptop of mine and I'm quite happy with it :]

hook out → drinking China Gunpowder tea (from Chameau) and studying

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