Every time I see someone seed an Ogg/Vorbis album on Jamendo's trackers I get that urge to stretch my arms all through the wires and hug whomsoever is on the other side impersonated by that IP my BitTorrent client shows and shout through my monitor: "Thank you! Thank you for caring."

With that out of my system, let's focus on code. I promissed a while ago to write a KTorrent script to help share and seed free (i.e. mostly CC) music, but my work has been stalled by KTorrent not yet supplying the API calls I need. This doesn't mean nothing I'm doing nothing though!

What I did do so far is create a project on Gitorious 1 (and later to GitLab) to host it – Dashing Freemooina Cow 2 – and as a subproject a small script called "moo-cow". Update: changed the link from Gitorious to GitLab

Dashing Freemooina Cow is part of a bigger plan to make sharing free music as easy as possible and will initially only handle Jamendo albums, but will be later expanded to any and all free netlabels I can find. I hope to add more advanced features like creating and uploading yet non-existing torrents to trackers and integration with Libre.FM as well.

But until I get my wish concerning the API, you'll have to make use of the spartan shell scrip that is moo-cow. To make use of the script, just download it and edit the MUSIC_DIR to point to where you keep (and seed!) your music; write Jamendo album ID's 3 each in a sepratate line into album_list and run moo-cow.sh. I've already tested it on about 50 albums and it works!

…so, get the code, download your albums, share and seed to others and don't forget to be dashing! ;)

hook out → sipping recycled tea and off to bed…

  1. I chose Gitorious because Git seems like a sensible solution and Gitorous has a very sane ToS and PP (even to my standards!). 

  2. Dashing Freemooina Cow – download and shareing free music in a comfortable way (aye, cows have a hard time pronouncing "mu"). 

  3. e.g. Try^d's album Listen, which is available under the URL: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/3661 has the album ID 3661. 

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