My recent hard disk fiasco made me think… (aye, I be doin' dat evury ounce an' a while)

The thing is my music taste is quite … well, what's a nice word for it … distinguished? alternative? underground? non-mainstream? odd? …anyway, you get the idea ;)

So I figured that if I listen mainly to non-mainstream music, I might as well support the artists that understand the importance of sharing and use modern labels like Jamendo and Magnatune and offer their works under permissive licenses (in most cases CC). From what I've seen so far on Jamendo, there's some outstanding artists there that made me think that it's a real pity people don't know much about them and listen to the crap that conservative labels serve.

For those rare moments when I want something more mainstream, I'll just join a webradio stream or turn on the ol' FM radio (which is usually Radio Student anyway).

I've been at it unintentionally for a week now and all seems fine so far :]

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my Jamendo experiment (I'm calling it so, because I mainly use Jamendo) and on my findings in the land of the free. Also be prepared for learning about new and exciting artists! :D

hook out → studying at the NUK and in need of a cuppa

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