This is a very quick tip for all Gentoo Portage users:

Eix is a very nice search utility for Portage (if you have not yet, do emerge eix), but with default settings it is a bit awkward if you constantly update its database – especially if you use overlays. There's two very simple "tricks" to make life easier.

First trick is to use eix-sync instead of emerge --sync; update-eix. Not only do you shorten your command(s), you also (by default) get a nice list of changes in the tree when the syncing and database updating is done.

The other trick is for people who also use overlays with Layman. To include syncing of overlays into Eix, just add


into a separate line in your /etc/eix-sync.conf file. Now whenever you run eix-sync it will basically run emerge --sync; layman -S; eix-update and include package information from the overlays automatically into the Eix database as well.

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