On Thursday I finally got my brand spankin' new shiney matt laptop – the wonderful Lenovo ThinkPad T400s.

And I _love_ it! :D

Everything from the design, matt finish, display, weight (or lack thereof) to the keyboard seems just perfect for me!

Whatever you heard positive about ThinkPad keyboards is true …and even more so for the new keyboards on the T400s! It's the best keyboard I ever touched! The moment my fingers touched the keys, I knew this will be the laptop on which I'll write my thesis, save the world and do many wonderful things in hopefully as many years as possible.

Another small feature that I adore is the hardware mute button with an integrated red light indicator. As it kicks in already after BIOS it's ideal for dragging along to lectures and into libraries.

The only grudge that I hold against Lenovo on this box is that it comes with only ExpressCard/34, so a SecureCard reader won't fit in it – so much for a flush reader for my fancy Fellowship card :\

I hope I'll sort the problem with the MS Windows tax as soon as possible, so I can wipe the HDD clean and get my nice Gentoo GNU/Linux on it :]

hook out → going to bed

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