It's (relatively) early in the new year and it's time to reflect upon the past and make plans for the future, so here's my short list of what I plan to do in 2010 that might be of interest to anyone out there.

In the 90's – at least on the box in highschool where I had my first Linux account ever – it was very popular to write your plans into ~/.plan, so other users on that box could use finger to see your plan amongst other user data.

Althought nowadays this practice is probably already forgotten and most people use a calendar app or at least more sophisticated TODO lists, for nostalgia's sake, let's pretend this is my ~/.plan and you're …erm …fingering me on the same box (can't help it, that's how it's called):

  • redesign my website – I'm thinking of a more clear separation of articles and the blog and a more professional look
  • register a .name e-mail alias and use it as the default
  • finally learn to program, starting with Python and use the newly acquired mad skillz to:

    • code a KTorrent script to easily manage Jamendo torrents
    • code a KDE Plasmoid to access EvroTerm and EvroKorpus dictionaries
    • code a KDE Plasmoid for converting article numbers of TEU and TEC before and after the Treaty of Lisbon
    • code a Amarok script for accessing BlocSonic
  • draw up the already promissed OpenHeads emoticon set

  • translate KMyMoney, Semantik, Konversation, KRecipes and some others on my list
  • translate the FSFE page into Slovenian
  • establish FSFE Slovenia

I'm pretty sure things will add up during the year, but if I manage all these I'll be happy :]

hook out → running to the train station to kiss my gorgeous girlfriend

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