I’m sorry for the recent downtime and any inconveniences this might have caused.

There were two reasons for this.

At first, the thing is that I have a static IP by contract. But due to a misunderstanding between my ISP and me, I assumed that they would issue a static IP via DHPC. What actually happened though was that I was living with dynamic one with a very long timeout period.

So I lived with the same IP for a whole year and only after a longer storm-induced blackout this week, my IP changed. This in turn, of course, made all my domains (including this one) point to a wrong IP.

As luck has it, I just happened to away from home for almost the whole day and unable to identify the issue, since I couldn’t SSH to my box, since that IP was unreachable.

After a (few) quick call(s), I got a fixed IP now actually also reserved at the ISP, I changed my router’s settings from DHCP to fixed IP and updated the DNS’s.

So, from then on, everything should be running fine again, but as lady luck seemed to be at a very lively party and chose to vomit once again on my blue-suede shoes, that wasn’t the case.

Just as everything started to work just fine SW and service wise, enter HW problems.

My DreamPlug server started restarting itself in a random intervals around 4th of October. Nothing can be seen in the logs and looking at all sorts of stuff it seems like the best bet is a power issue with the device itself 1.

At the moment I’m temporarily hosted again at Kiberpipa.

As soon as I my DreamPlug becomes alive again, I’ll migrate back onto it and things will be fun and cool again :]

hook out → still waiting to negotiate a replacement DreamPlug. But the disk hasn’t died

  1. Too tired to write my 2 weeks of trying to pin-point the issue and what all is not the issue. Will share if someone requests it. 

  2. Thank you Hruške for all the help with the migration. 

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