Since today I will move my office every Wednesday from 09:00 to 17:00 CET 1 to the biggest Slovenian hacklab – Cyberpipe.

I’m extremely happy to be back in my hacker’s alma mater and thus in better contact with the local community and general public.

Frist day I’m ending with a much longer workday then planned – which just proves that this was a good decision – and with great collaboration with both Cyberpipe’s old cats and new leadership as well as the community at large. It’s great to see C| being alive and kicking into the new season and to be part of that again. And it’s quite flattering that they put the notice up on their official website already hours before I managed to find time to even blog about this.

After setting up the office there and putting some posters, we carried some FSFE promo material together with a Free Your Android poster upstairs where hundreds of freshmen wait in line to get their phones identified to be able to get public student’s discount for eating out. Especially the FYA flyers have been gratefully taken by some, so I will probably need to re-fill the flyer stand every few days. All the other time was packed with planning and discussing FS-related projects.

hook out → dead tired, but happy

  1. i.e. 08:00-16:00 UTC in winter and 07:00-15:00 UTC in summer time. 

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