Last month they installed blue lights in the men's room on our faculty (i.e. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law). I noticed many just found it odd or a fashion statement, but in fact it's a means against junkies, because the blue light makes it quite hard to see their veins, which in turn makes it hard for them to put the needle in.

Well, yesterday, I noticed blue lights being installed in the women's bathroom as well (the door's adjacent to the men's and was open ajar). If in the men's room it just makes your wee look funny, for the women it's probably a bigger problem – I imagine applying makeup under blue lights and it still looking halfway decent must be quite a challenge. OJo

While the blue lights are not discriminatory by sex now and make sense in public toliets, it is still worth noting that the faculty toliets are secured by a chip that is being issued only to staff members and students of the PF UL. The staff also have keys to the staff restrooms, ergo the anti-junkie provisions are pointed against the faculty students. Ergo the faculty thinks their students are junkies.


Let's take a look now:

  • My faculty treats me as if I'm using illegal drugs.
  • Goverments all over the world are treating me on the internet like I'm a terrorist, pirate and/or pedophile.
  • Internet companies treat my personal data as their asset and like they own my works and trade with both.
  • When in touch with any official person (be it a policeman, a clerk, a postman or even the student that comes to check the gas useage for the gas company), I'm the one who gets legitimised and when I ask them to show me their ID, they usually go bonkers.

…is it just me, or does anyone else see a pattern?

hook out → just out

P.S. Neat how I managed to use so many different words for the loo, ain't it? ;)

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